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Terry Nelson says

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November 2018
I was referred to Travis by another realtor when I was complaining about my experiences dealing with some of my rentals. We now have several rentals managed by Greener Montana Properties and I cannot praise Travis and Kristyn enough. He know the law and the rental environment and is easy to work with. He knows what properties should rent for and usually gets our rentals filled quickly. I no longer have headaches from my rentals. The fees he gets, in my opinion, are one of the best investments I have made for my sanity. I understand some of the negative reviews on this site, knowing that it is sometimes difficult to make tenants happy all the time. We have had bad renters that we asked Travis to get out, and although it is our decision, he has taken the heat as the bad guy and I’m sure was not their favorite person. But he is willing to do so with a smile. The fact that those rentals get refilled quickly and usually for more than the last renter tells me that they were a good deal. Thank you Travis and Kristyn.
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