If you’re eager to make a few changes to improve the look of your home, there’s no reason to shell out money for a contractor. With the right tools, you can tackle a few simple DIY projects over a weekend. Use these tips to complete jobs like a pro.

Paint a Room

According to Knotty Alder Cabinets, painting is one of the cheapest home improvement projects you can do yourself, and a room can easily take you a weekend to complete. With a few coats of color, you can make a dull room bright and inviting in fewer than eight hours. For professional results, remove nails, screws, and hooks from the walls and prep the surface by plastering holes and sanding the area. Don’t forget to use tape to trim wall plates, baseboards, and ceiling corners. Next, assemble paint, brushes, and rollers along with other essentials, such as a drop cloth, ladder, or brush extender.

Install Window Trim

It’s easy to add window trim without fancy equipment. All you need are a few supplies to install window trim in less than a day. True Value suggests measuring the window and using a saw to cut 1-inch boards for the top, bottom, sides, and sill. You can also buy the boards precut. Gather brad nails, wood screws, a hammer, paint, and caulk. Then, line the sill up at the bottom of the window, leaving 5 inches on each side. Mark the corners, and secure the base and side pieces with brad nails. Next, use wood screws to attach boards to the top and bottom of the header. Apply caulk to seal any gaps.

Update Kitchen Cabinets

There’s no need to gut a dated kitchen to give it a makeover. Instead, give your cabinets a fresh look. But before you run to the nearest home improvement center to try one of the techniques that follow, remove the greasy buildup with a degreasing solution. For wallpaper applications, remove the hardware and measure the cabinet before applying paste or a spray adhesive to the backside of the paper. Position the wallpaper and smooth out any air bubbles. Or, simply swap out old hardware for new handles and knobs. In less than one hour, you can breathe new life into your kitchen. 

Small changes can make a big difference, and you can give your home a modern touch without a large budget or complicated tools. Just put your DIY skills to work on the three projects above, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in the way your home looks and feels.

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