When renovating your house, it’s important that you really know what you want. You should probably also want that change enough to be willing to go through the mess and expense of a renovation. Whether you are planning to sell your property or you just want to enjoy the improvements, it’s important to put preparation into your plans. To help you get started, here’s a look at how you can prepare for a home renovation. 


Keep an eye on your dreams, and stay logical with your budgets. If you’re renovating your home so that you can remain there as you age, and you have the option to create a roll-in shower or widen a hall so a wheelchair will fit, then the investment will be worth it. If your dream kitchen will make your house the most expensive in the neighborhood, and you’ll never get your money back, the investment may not be worth it. Rules of Renovation advises real estate investors to look at comparable homes in the neighborhood before starting renovations. Ask your realtor to pull the most recent comparables and do some walking-around research. This research will help guide your renovation plans moving forward. 

Create a Plan

When will you start? How will you finance it? How will you work around the mess? When will you need it done by? Who’s sourcing the items you need, such as a sink or a shower base? Keep in mind that your plan can be thrown off by simple events that turn into big problems, so stay flexible. If you have a hard deadline coming up, including the winter holidays, consider waiting until after the deadline is over to start your renovation. Consider hiring a general contractor to help you coordinate your HVAC, electrical, plumbing and carpentry needs.

Be Patient

No matter how organized you are or how dedicated your construction team is, there will be backorders, breakage, glitches and mistakes that will happen during your renovation. Frankly, that’s just life. CliqStudios recommends creating your renovation timeline in pencil, so you can be ready to bump things if something goes wrong or is delayed by a few days. 

If you’re renovating a bathroom, move all your things to another bathroom, or pack a gym bag so that you can grab a shower before you go to work. If you’re renovating a kitchen, bite the bullet and buy some paper plates and hot dogs. If you have kids, don’t renovate until after school starts, and make sure there are no in-service days coming up. It’s temporary. Stay flexible and focused on the end goal. 

Renovating is challenging whether you are doing the work yourself or have hired someone else. No matter how carefully you budget, schedule and plan, things will probably go wrong. However, if you can stay loose and keep an eye on the big goal, you can also meet some great people who take excellent care of your home and your new space.

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