We all want some peace at the end of the day. We crave that safe place to relax where we can feel welcomed, comforted and let our guard down. We have the most power to create this for ourselves at home, no matter whether we own or rent. Let’s explore some great first steps to making your home a stress-free zone.

Adjust the Noise Level

We can dampen environmental sounds with the types of furnishings and decorative items we use. Upholstered furniture combined with fabric and fiber window, wall, and floor coverings absorbs a lot of noise and keeps sound from bouncing. Think book-filled bookcases and deeply upholstered furniture. Not only do plush furnishings absorb sound, but they are also ultra-relaxing to sink into at the end of a long day.

Fabric wall hangings absorb sound, as do woven wall and floor coverings made out of hemp, sisal, sea grass, or cork. Don’t underestimate the sound-absorbing value of carpeting. Hardwood floors look clean and amazing, but they amplify sound like a drum.

Window coverings contribute a lot to quieter spaces. Blinds combined with drapes in thick textures like nubby hemp, rustic burlap, or raw silk will act as sound sponges. There are a variety of light and sound-dampening draperies that can add a pop of color to any room.

Clear the Clutter

Storage furniture can provide extra storage options all around the house. Putting away items that clutter can provide noticeable stress relief. If you put an item in your extra storage and don’t use it or think of it for six months, you might be ready to part with it. Finding somewhere outside of the home to store your clutter can open up space and help you have a better frame of mind when it comes time to decide whether to keep it, donate, or throw it away.

Add Natural Light

As anyone who has had to go without it can tell you, natural light is essential to our being and circadian rhythms. Abundant natural light in your home improves the space aesthetically and can impart a peace-inducing boost to health, mood, and comfort. You can also move your furniture around to maximize the natural light that comes into your home.

Combine these three tips with your own decorative creativity and you can make your home a stress-free zone. Even making just one room into a stress-free zone, perhaps your bedroom, can provide immeasurable improvements to your peace.

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