Being married means you get to start a new chapter of your life with someone you love. This is an incredibly exciting time, but it can also be fraught with uncertainty. You want to make sure that you and your beloved are able to start off married life on the right foot by following these tips.

Start in the Right Place

You and your spouse need to have a fairly long-term plan for the future. Since you’re planning on spending the rest of your lives together, you should at least know how the next few years will go. Consider what you want out of your living situation. Are you going to move into your place, theirs, or find a new place entirely? If you’re planning on having children, you might start hunting for a place that’s much larger. You might not find your dream home right away, but you can definitely come gradually closer to it.


Being married can involve subtraction through addition. You and your spouse will be merging your lives together, and with that comes a lot of clutter that needs to be shed. All Storage Online recommends, “sit down together and make a list of all the duplicates, then decide which items are in the best condition and worth keeping.” You can donate duplicate items to charity, provided they’re in usable condition. Not all duplicates need to be discarded though. For instance, having multiple dishes is always good. If there are multiple items and you can’t decide which one to keep, then make a list of pros and cons for each. You might decide to keep your spouse’s bed and discard yours on the grounds that it has a headboard.

Continue Dating Each Other

Marriages can falter when partners see it as the end of a journey and not the beginning or continuance of one. You and your spouse need to keep each other close to your hearts. Remember to not take him or her for granted. Show your affection on a daily basis by complimenting and listening to him or her. Not only does this show how much you care, but it also helps to keep your relationship fresh. Couples Therapy Inc suggests, “new research shows that when couples start to feel out of touch or are getting lost in their own busy lives, it’s helpful to do new things with each other. It makes sense, new relationships and marriage is all new, but over time the new things become less frequent. Trying new things will rekindle new excitement with each other.” Marriage is work, but it’s work that’s worth it.

There’s no guidebook that comes with being married. Even if you know you love your spouse more than you can possibly measure, you still have to prepare for an interesting new reality as a married person. “Interesting” doesn’t have to mean stressful or unpleasant though. You can find yourself growing even closer in your love through how you get through the early challenges of newlywed life together.


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