On Tuesday (1/31/2017) at 9 am, the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on SB 144. This bill will allow both tenants and landlord to give and receive notices via email. This bill also states that if a landlord to tenant does not want to use email as a means of notifying, they don’t have to.

A similar bill went through the legislature last session. It passed both the Montana House and Senate, but was vetoed by the Governor.

With technology allowing for business to be conducted at a pace never before seen, it seems like a logical next step to allow landlords and tenants to conduct business in this now universally accepted means. However, the bill still recognizes some people may not want to rely on email. That would still be their right if this bill passes.

One concern last session about a similar bill was to ensure the tenant receives the notification. Current law states a notice mailed to a tenant is received 3 days after it is sent regardless if the tenant actually gets it. So if a tenant is out of town for a long weekend, they may not get it in time. Most tenants will check email even if they are not in the area. This bill will help ensure tenants receive notification, not prevent it.

Read the full text of the bill here: http://leg.mt.gov/bills/2017/billpdf/SB0144.pdf

The members of the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee (with emails) are:

KEITH REGIER (R) SD 3 – Sen.Keith.Regier@mt.gov

JENNIFER FIELDER (R) SD 7 – Sen.Jennifer.Fielder@mt.gov

JEN GROSS (D) SD 25 – Sen.Jen.Gross@mt.gov

STEVE HINEBAUCH (R) SD 18 – Sen.Steve.Hinebauch@mt.gov

JEDEDIAH HINKLE (R) SD 32 – Sen.Jedediah.Hinkle@mt.gov

MARGARET ( MARGIE ) MACDONALD (D) SD 26 – Sen.Margie.MacDonald@mt.gov

MARY MOE (D) SD 12 – moe.mt.senate@gmail.com

SCOTT SALES (R) SD 35 – Sen.Scott.Sales@mt.gov

DIANE SANDS (D) SD 49 – senatorsands@gmail.com

NELS SWANDAL (R) SD 30 – Sen.Nels.Swandal@mt.gov

CHAS V VINCENT (R) SD 1 – cvvincent@hotmail.com

If you cant make the hearing, please email the committee and let them know your thoughts.

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