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Being a green property management company saves green ($).

We use common business philosophies to make our practices greener, thus saving our clients and tenants money. Here are some of the ways we are a green property management company:

  • We use green cleaning practices. By using these practices, we are able to reduce the cost of expensive cleaners by buying just as effective common, safe products such as vinegar. See more of our cleaning practices here:¬†http://eartheasy.com/live_nontoxic_solutions.htm. We do not use ozone generators as the science behind these machines is unfounded and they may cause harm to the environment and people (http://www.epa.gov/iaq/pubs/ozonegen.html).
  • We endeavor to be paperless. We use programs such as Buildium (http://www.buildium.com/) and online inspection software¬†to minimize the paper we use. This is vitally important if there were ever a disaster that rendered the original paper files unusable. We send statements and payments electronically which saves postage and paper.
  • Conference calls and programs such as Skype and Go To Meeting allow us to reduce business trips, but still stay current on all the most recent business practices and laws.
  • The paper we do use is printed on both sides. Paper that is to be thrown away is cut up for scrap paper note pads (we always shred paper with personal or sensitive information).
  • We secure properties and accompany every prospective tenant at showings. To ensure we are not wasting valuable time and resources, we cluster showings, especially for properties over five miles away from our office.
  • We are involved in a local non-profit (Bitter Root Water Forum) which strives to ensure we have clean water for all generations.
  • We allow all of our team members to work from home when it is practical to do so. This saves time and fuel by reducing the number of days employees commute to work.


The culture of Greener Montana Property Management ensures that we will always be on the cutting edge of technological advances that will ensure we are both profitable for our clients and a healthy part of the environment that attracts customers making our business viable and sustainable.

Join us in our endeavor to promote a GREENER MONTANA!

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